Sonoran Broadheads

What makes our head different from the rest?

Our unique blade design provides you with two separate cutting edges.

The first edges or the "wing" blades are used for cutting the hide and first set of ribs. These blades are used to open the head and are much smaller that the main blades. They take the most punishment cutting through the hair, dirt, hide, and bones during entry. These smaller blades take less energy to penetrate thru the first side then an "open on impact" head.

The second set of edges, or the "main" blade, does not touch anything during the initial penetration. It is still a "virgin" edge when it opens in the body cavity. This leaves it RAZOR sharp for the internal organs, as it should be.

Angled shots are not a problem with Sonoran Heads. The tip of the heads enters the animal well before the blades impact. This eliminates cantilevering, or "deflections" as the blades open.

Another benefit of the wing blade design is that it provides a solid "load bearing surface" during impact with the ferrule. This results in an extremely durable broadhead that will never damage your arrow shaft.

Patent no. 5458341

Key Features

  • Containment slot keeps shrink band in place
  • Replaceable hardened steel tip
  • Wide super strong blades will not break
  • Blades impact ferrule and will not damage the arrow shaft
  • Wing blades produce a 1 ¼ inch entrance hole
  • Screw system allows for blade replacement even after hundreds of shots